Director KSI Group

On behalf of the KSI team, I would like to thank all our clients and associates for their trust and support without which our success will not be possible".

It is our constant endeavour to deliver top quality products and solutions to meet our customer's exact needs. Highly skilled and motivated employees of KSI contribute to our company's growth and success story.


KS Instruments, popularly known as KSI, was established in 1973. KSI has been widely known as a leading designer and manufacturer of Power resistors and allied products.

In 2014, the resistor business was separated as KWK Resistors India Pvt Ltd to better manage the fast-growing business with the focus that it needs. KSI continued to manufacture Electrical Junction boxes for Power generation industry. Towards end of 2016, KSI developed and tested a wide range of Low Tension Instrument Transformers.

The Current Transformers offered are tested and certified at CPRI. KSI is approved for supplies at major ESCOMs, such as BESCOM, CHESCOM, MESCOM etc. KSI is approved by reputed consultants across the country.

In 2019, the group expanded the product range with the acquisition of EMI Solutions Pvt Ltd. EMIS is one of Indias largest and preferred partner for EMI Filters and solutions.

KSI invites you to explore the various product ranges through the Product section of the site. KSI assure to continue providing world class components and aiming to surpass your expectations everytime.

Ethical Leadership

At KSI, the interests of customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders are given priority over other considerations. The company has built and nurtured long term partnerships (decades long, considering KSI Group) with customers and suppliers.

The company leadership firmly believes in setting and practising high standards of integrity, firm commitment to set goals and building mutually rewarding relationships.

Apart from business success, the company is also highly committed to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation. We strictly maintain our compliance to governmental regulations and tax obligations.

Employee Welfare

A large number of KSI employees are also long term veterans and highly valued members of the KSI family. We take particular care of the professional growth and personal welfare of all our employees. We ensure our employees skills are continuously enriched through on-going training and skill development programs. Employee engagement programmes like Kaizen and other team building initiatives are conducted periodically.

We take our employee safety very seriously. All the safety gear applicable for every station is exhaustively listed and strictly enforced. Our employees are paid above industry average wages. We also pay higher overtime wages than the government stipulated rates. We firmly believe that attractive monetary incentives are a good way to show employees that the company cares for them and values their contribution to organization building.

Apart from caring for our employees, we also look out for their families. Education scholarships for all children of staff is one of our flagship welfare initiatives. We also have comprehensive health care schemes for staff and family.