These Custom/Special LTCT series are designed and manufactured to customer specified requirements for applications like generator field forcing, maintaining the field, feedback and control of electronic circuits, core balancing and isolating, monitoring transformer winding temperature and test benches. These custom series are available in primary wound type, ring type & multi ratio primary and secondary combination type. However the construction is decided based on the application.

Despite a wide range of catalogue products, in several cases your application may demand a custom solution. With the backing of a strong design team and an in house testing facility, KSI can offer custom solutions to your design challenges with ease. Feel free to let us know your custom requirements for us to offer our solution!

Get Special Features with Custom CTs Requirement

  • Designed as per IS-2705 or Customer specific requirement.
  • Secondary Current Milli Amperes to 5A.
  • Single Phase and Three Phase units are available.
  • High accuracy on request.
  • Mounting arrangement on request.
  • Construction Styles Offered : Varnished Fiber Glass or PVC tape insulatedResin Cast, ABS or Glass filled Nylon Moulded, Wooden Box type.

Saturable CT for Generator Field Forcing

KSCM Series -

SCM CT for maintaining the Field

KMA Series -

Milli Ampere Sensing CT for Feedback and Control in Electronics

KCBT Series -

Core Balance CT for Earth Leakage Protection

KIC Series -

Interposing CT to Balance, Match or Isolate the Current supply.

KWTI Series -

To monitor the Transformer Winding Temperature

KUAT Series -

For protection to obtain various combination from a single CT.

KTP Series -

Designed per IS-2705

KPC Series -

They are used for Laboratory and Test Benches

KHSC Series -

To open for installation of regular Ring type CTs.