Potential / Voltage
Transformers Manufacturers India

KSI design and manufacture high accuracy LT Potential transformers for measuring and protection applications in tape insulated coil Potential transformers and resin cast coil Potential transformers. KSI has a wide range of catalogue products to suit all needs.

Despite a wide range of catalogue products, in several cases your application may demand a custom solution. With the backing of a strong design team and an in house testing facility, KSI can offer custom solutions to your design challenges with ease. Feel free to let us know your custom requirements for us to offer our solution!

KSI Potential Transformers Fetaures and Benefits:

  • Designed as per IS-16227, IEC-61869, C-57 or Customer specific requirement.
  • Secondary Voltage 110V or 100/√3.
  • Primary Voltage up to 720V.
  • Secondary Burden 1VA to 30VA.
  • Single Phase and Three Phase units are available.
  • Dual Ratios can be offered.
  • High accuracy on request.
  • Mounting arrangement on request.
  • Construction Styles Offered : Varnished Fiber Glass or PVC tape insulated Coils, Resin cast coils
Potential / Voltage

Measuring Potential/Voltage Transformers

Ratio Range 63.5V to 0.72KV / 110V or 110/√3
Standard Accuracy Class CL-3, CL-1, CL-0.5, CL-0.2

Protective Potential/Voltage Transformers

Ratio Range 30V to 0.72KV / 110V or 110/√3 or 110/3
Standard Accuracy Class 3P, 6P, 5PR, 10PR