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A Control Transformer is an Isolation Transformer designed to provide a high degree of secondary voltage regulation (stability), during the short period of overload condition. This period is typically referred to as inrush. These transformers supply power to control and/or auxiliary equipment not intended for direct connection to the main circuit.

This is an ideal transformer for stepping up or down the voltage or for installations which require a galvanic partition between the primary and secondary voltage. E.g. UPS, Electric motor, compressor, cooling plants, automatic washing machines. They're intended for change of voltages with galvanic isolation, attenuation of line disturbances.

Isolation Transformers Features

  • Manufactured with electrical steel with low losses and copper windings
  • Compact and rugged in construction
  • Free standing, floor mounted models available
  • Metal casing with sufficient ventilation
  • High efficiency, reliability and accuracy
  • High insulation values
  • Toroidal type of transformer available for medical industries
  • Customizable as per client specific requirements - with any voltages & taps, with thermal switches, with MS or SS housing of any particular IP rating.

Low Tension Control & Power Transformers

Wound Primary Type LTCT
Technical Specifications
Power Rating 1VA to 10KVA Single Phase and Three Phase
Regulation <5%
Insulation Resistance 500MΩ
Frequency 50-60Hz